Best Apisit Uthakhamkong, the founder of the Peace Club, is a visionary leader dedicated to fostering a culture of peace, love, and compassion among young individuals. With a passion for creating positive change, Best has played a pivotal role in establishing and leading the Peace Club. His commitment to empowering youth and providing them with a platform to make a difference reflects in the organization’s mission to build a more harmonious and equitable world.

Our Executive Team Members

Best Uthakhamkong


Jade Griffin

Volunteer Specialist

Dylan Bates

Volunteer Coordinator

Nicola Bruce

Meditation Introduce

Luke van der Vliet

Deputy Secretary & Treasurer

Callum Toomey

Club Representative in Wellington

Quinn Pooley


Tane Murphy

Club Representative in Wellington

Peacemaker Volunteers

Our volunteers promote peace through events and representation throughout New Zealand, spreading passion for a more harmonious world.