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Art for Peace Competition Project

Background: Inspiring Youth for Peace

The Art for Peace Competition project, funded by the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust, embarked on its journey to foster awareness of “peace” within and between societies. It empowered adolescents to express their perspectives on “world peace” through creative mediums like drawing and painting. Art, as a universal language, provided a canvas for individuals to convey emotions and messages that words may struggle to articulate. This initiative aimed to promote peace, disarmament, and meditation among youth, instilling values of peace-making and offering tools for achieving inner peace, thus contributing to global harmony.

Event Overview: Overcoming Challenges with Creativity

This year’s theme, “World Peace,” inspired 231 submissions. Approximately 90% of participants submitted their artworks online, with the remaining 10% delivered to the Otago University Student’s Association (OUSA) Building.

Promotional efforts extended across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, complemented by posters in sizes A0 and A3 prominently displayed along Dunedin’s George Street. The Peace Club team at the University of Otago also reached out to schools throughout Dunedin, inviting them to participate.

Participants expressed their interpretations of peace through drawings, paintings, photographs, and digital art, accompanied by statements elucidating their artistic inspirations and messages. These submissions were evaluated by five judges based on artistic quality, thematic clarity, conceptuality, and creativity. Winners across three categories—Primary school, Secondary school, and Tertiary education—were announced, each receiving certificates from Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins.

Award Presentation: Celebrating Creativity and Harmony

On April 22nd, 2022, coinciding with Earth Day, the award presentation ceremony took place at the main common room of the University of Otago. The evening commenced with registration and dinner, followed by serene musical performances by Ollie Crook and local artist Ryan Shanks. The highlight was a guided meditation session led by Sean Prenter, offering attendees moments of tranquility and inner reflection. Mayor Aaron Hawkins presented certificates and prizes to the winners, concluding the event with a collective rendition of “Light a Candle for Peace.” Over 70 attendees, including student winners, their families, and supporters, joined in celebrating the power of art to promote peace.

Participants and Beneficiaries: Empowering Communities through Art

Directly benefiting students from primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions in Dunedin—such as the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic, Columba College, Queen’s High School, Otago Girls’ High School, and many others—the project also had indirect positive impacts on families, educators, and the broader community. Schools and universities actively participated, enriching their educational experiences through creativity and peace advocacy.

Achievements and Future Impact

The Art for Peace Competition Project successfully encouraged young individuals to explore and advocate for peace through art, fostering a deeper understanding of peace, disarmament, and inner harmony. By spreading artworks and messages on social media and beyond, the project amplified awareness of peace-related issues locally and globally. Moving forward, it aims to inspire ongoing dialogue and action towards creating a more peaceful and inclusive world.

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