We, at the Peace Club at the University of Otago, are a group of students, and we have the passion to inspire people to share peace, love, kindness and compassion to society. Additionally, we encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.


In the new era of change and transformation, people who seek peace have long debated how world peace could begin. They investigated numerous environmental elements, including ecology, food supply, access to medical care, legislation, nuclear weapon limitations, treaties, technology, political stability, the economy, society, and poverty.


Despite such thorough and extensive investigations, they have missed the reality that the source of peace is far closer than any of the elements they have researched. They are the beginning point for peace. The dream of world peace can never come true if the dreamer is unable to discover inner contentment.


Once everyone experiences inner happiness, true world peace will occur. When the defilements in human souls are entirely eliminated, things that were before unthinkable, such as world peace, become suddenly attainable and within reach. All that is required is to take the first step, which is to practice meditation to experience the source of inner happiness. This knowledge predates the human race.

A 2017 research published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience reviewed many studies that indicates the social significance of art. Researchers discovered that, in addition to improving emotions and concentration, pondering art improved social knowledge and self-awareness. Furthermore, they discovered that art can promote empathy by allowing viewers to see things from a different viewpoint and better understand others. These values are critical pillars of peace, which begins when we see the consequences of our own actions on others.


In 2019, we arranged the Art for Peace Competition 2019 on the occasion of celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the University of Otago. There were over 300 students in Dunedin who joined the competition. Moreover, we also organised the exhibition to showcase all artworks at the Community Art Gallery, 1-7 September 2019. And the awards of the 2019 Art for Peace Competition were presented by Professor Hayne in front of the Clock tower, University of Otago. 


On Tuesday, 21 September 2012 and International Day of Peace (United Nations) 2021, we would like to re-arrange the event and invite Dunedin’s students to enter The Peace Club’s “Art for Peace 2021” Competition. We are delighted to support this Competition. By encouraging young people to create beautiful images of peace, we hope to encourage them to realise the importance of inner peace for themselves, their communities and the world.

We believe that art can make peace, and art forms such as drawing and painting grant individuals a canvas upon which to express emotions that they are unable to express with words. Thus, those who are reluctant to verbalise their thoughts and fears can do so through art. Art can act as a non-verbal language that is accessible to all regardless of gender, social standing, political affiliation or religion. We know peace is significantly essential to all communities, so why not “Art for Peace” will not be needed. 

Art for Peace Competition 2021
Competition theme: World Peace through Inner Peace 
Entry dates: 13 August to 15 September 2021 (Extended the deadline until new update)
Announcement date: 17 September 2021 (To be confirmed)
Award presentation date: 21 September 2021 the University Union Main Common Room (To be confirmed)
Exhibition date: 22-24 September 2021,  Union Hall, University of Otago (To be confirmed)

3 First Place Awards

3 Second Place Awards

3 Third Place Awards

30 Consolation Prizes

1 Place Award from people vote ($200)

1st prize $150 and Certificate

2nd prize $100 and Certificate

3rd prize $75 and Certificate

10 consolation prizes

1st prize $200 and Certificate

2nd prize $150 and Certificate

3rd prize $100 and Certificate

10 consolation prizes

1st prize $300 and Certificate

2nd prize $250 and Certificate

3rd prize $200 and Certificate

10 consolation prizes

  • Submit online via www.thepeace.co.nz/submit-artwork
  • Artwork can be drawing, painting, photo, digital work
  • Make your art in A3 size
  • Write a Designer Statement about your interpretation of the theme and what it means to you. (this statement will be exhibited alongside your poster.) Primary student write 50-100 words, Secondary student write 100-200 words and Tertiary student 200-300 words.
  • Artworks must be in .JPEG file format
  • Use your fullname_school-name for the filename
  • No more than two submissions per person
  • Be creative, and no copy
  • Drop off artwork on 15-16 September 2021, OUSA Building  (To be confirmed)

The Award day will held on Tuesday 21 September 2021 at the University Union Main Common Room, University of Otago


6.00 pm  Music for Peace

6.25 pm  Welcome speech

6.30 pm  Meditation for 30 minutes

7.00 pm  Presentation of the Awards for the Art for Peace Competition 2021

7.30 pm  Song “Light a Candle for Peace”

7.30 pm  Finish

– Exhibited at 22-24 September 2021, Union Hall, University of Otago
– Exhibited on The Peace Club Website

Rules for the people vote on the Facebook page are

1 share = 3 points and 1 like = 1 point

The student who gains the highest score is the winner.