Online English Language Tutor

Online English Language Tutor by The Peace Club Members

The course will take 3 months (12 Weeks) from 20th of March to 6th of June
Every Saturday from 10.00am to 12.00pm (2hrs)
Every Sunday from 11.00am to 12.00pm (1hr)
(Thailand Time)

Our tutors are members of The Peace Club at The University Of Otago. We want to help you improve your English reading, writing, speaking skills and learning about peace. Our tutors are student volunteers and these lessons will be offered for free. We expect that whoever participates in our event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in society so that they can find real peace within themselves.

All classes will be conducted on Zoom application, and you will use Google classroom for summit your assignment and exam.

English skills we are focusing on:
1) Grammar
2) Vocabulary
3) English for daily life

Learning pattern for 1 hour
• Introduction and meditation for 10 minutes
• Class leaning for 40 minutes
• Q&A for 10 minutes
*** Meditation can help you focus, reduce anxiety and improve your memory and We expect that whoever participates in our event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in society so that they can find  real peace within themselves.

Scores are based on:
1) Attention 50%
2) Assignment 30%
3) Exam test 20%

At the end of the course we will have a test to find out which students can get scholarships.

All students who have passed 50% of this class will receive a certificate from The Peace Club of University of Otago, New Zealand

Scholarships for students:
1st place: ฿25,000
2nd place: ฿20,000
3rd place: ฿15,000
4th place: ฿10,000
5th place: ฿7,500
and 20 Gift Vouchers

Special for students with an attendance score more than 95%
and one of students will get scholarship to study in New Zealand.

(Full Scholarship for English Course at University of Otago Language Centre and student who receive a scholarship can come to New Zealand when the borders are reponed)

Scholarships and prizes are funded by the 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation of Australia and New Zealand.


  • Students are assessed on their attendance (50%), assignments (30%) and final exam (20)%
  • There will be a different final exam taken for the beginner class and the advanced class.
  • You are no longer able to change between streams. Your attendance is given based on which stream you were assigned to.
  • The top students from each stream will have a one on one personal zoom interview to determine who gets the top prizes. Details about this will be released closer to the time. It is not based on English skills – everyone will have an equal chance, beginners and advanced students like.
  • Details on scholarship:
    • There is one scholarship available. This scholarship is to New Zealand for 3 months to study an English course at the University of Otago Language Centre. Only this English course is available to study. The scholarship covers accommodation, flights, tuition fees and a spending allowance.
    • There are cash prizes available for other top students.
  • Ask any questions in the comments and we will try our best to answer them.


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