The peace

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Global peace will arise when we can realise the inner peace in ourselves. That means when we find peace and happiness within, a different mind and compassion will exist and then we will want to share loving kindness, peace and happiness with others.
In the end we can only change ourselves and hope that change affects, informs and perhaps enlightens others whether they be our friends, families or simply those we come into contact with, through the connections that we can share the happiness by ourself.
About the peace

We are a group of student who interested in how to improve ourself by doing meditation and want to share happiness, enjoyment and harmony by inner peace.

In 2019, we arranged two significant events, such as Otago Light of Peace and Art for Peace. Our activities were supported by the religion program at the University of Otago and the Dhammachai International Research Institute of New Zealand and Australia (DIRI).

the peace is open for everyone to join, regardless of their religion, belief, gender or age. We expect that whoever participates in our event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in the society so that they can find the real peace within themselves. Inner peace can inspire people to share peace, loving-kindness and compassion in their societies. the peace can encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.

  • Jun 2019   ·   Art for Peace
  • Aug 2019   ·   Otago Light of Peace
  • Sep 2019   ·   Peace Exhibition