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Global peace will arise when we can realise the inner peace in ourselves. That means when we find peace and happiness within, a different mind and compassion will exist and then we will want to share loving kindness, peace and happiness with others.
In the end we can only change ourselves and hope that change affects, informs and perhaps enlightens others whether they be our friends, families or simply those we come into contact with, through the connections that we can share the happiness by ourself.
About the peace

We are a group of students who are interested in how to improve ourself by doing self-development, meditation and want to share happiness, enjoyment and harmony by inner peace.

The Peace Club of University of Otago is open for everyone to join, regardless of their religion, belief, gender or age. We expect that whoever participates in our event will realise their own inner peace and pass that on to others in  society so that they can find  real peace within themselves. Inner peace can inspire people to share peace, loving-kindness and compassion to their societies, and can encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.

Those who seek peace have long debated how world peace should begin. They have examined various environmental factors such as ecology, food supply, access to medicine, laws, limitation of nuclear weapons , treaties, technology, political stability, the economy, society and poverty.

Despite such close and detailed examinations, they have failed to notice that the origin of peace is much closer than any of those factors they have studied. The starting point of peace is within them. The dream of world peace will never come true if the dreamer is unable to find his or her own inner contentment.

Once everyone experiences inner happiness, true world peace will occur. When the defilements in the hearts of humans are totally eliminated, things that were once beyond our imagination, like world peace, are suddenly possible and within reach. All it takes is to accomplish that first step – which is to practice meditation to experience the source of inner happiness. This knowledge is as ancient as the human race.

Happiness from within can be attained by quietly stilling the mind at the centre of one’s body. The deeper you sink into this peace and calm found at the centre of each one of us, the more it expands outwards to our loved ones, family, friends, society, and so forth, without limits – like the sun that radiates its brilliance throughout the universe.

If everyone meditated, the results will be magnified; encircling entire countries and even the whole world. Imagine a world of peace. Police, soldiers and the criminal justice system will no longer be necessary when all we feel towards one another is joy and friendship. War, terrorism greed and ignorance would be eradicated.

World peace begins with us. It does not require money, international schemes or treaties to bring about this plan of peace. It starts by first bringing our mind to a standstill, then spreading this peace  to the world. Every good thing begins with us when we still our mind at the centre of the body at the seventh base of the mind. When our minds are at peace, the process of achieving world peace will not be difficult.

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